Climate of Brunswick Maine

Brunswick Maine, located in the Northeastern part of the United States, has a wide array of weather patterns from colder winters and mild summers due to the Atlantic Ocean impacts. Here is a look at what the climate is for the region during the year.

Temperatures for Brunswick Maine:
January and February are the coldest two months for the region with high temps in the 30’s and overnight lows dropping into the teens. In March the temps warm to the 40’s during the day and 20’s in the evening. April marks the start of warming as the temps rise into the 50’s during the day and 30’s for the overnight hours. May through October the temps range from the 60-70’s during the day and the 30-50’s during the evening with May and October being the two coolest months of the period. In November the temps drop back into the 40’s during the day and the 30’s overnight. December marks the start of winter and the cold air for the region with high temps back into the 30’s with overnight lows into the teens.

Moisture for Brunswick Maine:
The region sees an average of 3-5 inches throughout the entire year for rainfall with the months of March through July marked with averages closer to the 5inch mark. The months of August, January and February see the least amount with around 3inches on average.  Brunswick is also known for its annual snowfall with amounts ranging from 12-16 for the months of December through March, while November and April snowfall amounts are lower at around 2-4inches on average.