Collett’s Snake

The Collett’s Snake, also known as the Down’s Tiger Snake and Collett’s Black Snake, is a venomous snake native to Australia. The Collett’s Snake is found exclusively in Queensland, Australia. It is primarily found to the west of Queensland and spreading from the north to south. They are found in dry-barren areas or plains.

The colorization of the adult may vary from dark brown to black, with irregular color bands. These bands are usually cross-shaped and are generally and organized color. The underbelly is normally the same color as its bands, but may have varied discolored patches. The young are the same color as adults but generally have brighter shades and contrast more. It is usually 70 to 86 inches long, although males can reach 15 feet long. Females generally only grow to just under 7 feet long. They are usually about a foot long at birth.

The Collett’s main diet consists of frogs and rats. They hunt them by injecting their fangs into their prey and pumping their cytotoxic venom into them. Cannibalism is known to occur in Collett’s Snakes. When provoked, Collett’s will produce a loud hissing noise and may produce a series of warning strikes. Although they are placid snakes, they will bite if under threat. They are the nineteenth most venomous snake in Australia.