Computer Physics Communications

Computer Physics Communications is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Elsevier under the North-Holland imprint. Special issues of this journal are published on an occasional basis. As of May 2012, the current principal coordinating editor in N. Stanley Scott (Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland).

The journal focuses on computational methodology, numerical analysis and hardware and software development in support of physics and physical chemistry. Articles covered include: computational models and programs in physics and physical chemistry; computational models and programs associated with the design, control and analysis of experiments; numerical methods and algorithms; algebraic computation; the impact of advanced computer architecture and special purpose computers on computing in the physical sciences; and software topics related to the physical sciences.

Associated with the journal is the Computer Physics Communications Program Library, of which Scott is also director. This resource houses computer programs which have been described in the journal. Access to the library is bundled with journal subscriptions, although those unaffiliated with a subscribing institution can purchase individual subscriptions.

Image Caption: A cover of the journal Computer Physics Communications. Credit: Wikipedia

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