Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology is a peer-reviewed academic journal of the Society for Conservation Biology. It was established in 1987 and is published by Wiley-Blackwell. Conservation Biology was originally developed to provide a global voice for an emerging discipline. It quickly became the most important journal dealing with the topic of biological diversity. Editor-in-chief is Gary Meffe; managing editor is Ellen Main.

Stanley A. Temple, President of the SCB from 1991-1993, said: “The discipline of conservation biology defines the scope of the journal, but it is also true that the journal has played an influential role in defining conservation biology.”

Conservation Biology publishes articles covering the science and practice of conserving biological diversity. Coverage includes issues concerning any of the Earth’s ecosystems or regions, and that apply different approaches to solving problems in this area. It publishes groundbreaking scientific papers on topics such as population ecology and genetics, ecosystem management, freshwater and marine conservation, landscape ecology, and the many human dimensions of conservation.

Conservation Biology publishes Contributed Papers (original research), Research Notes (preliminary reports), Reviews, Essays, Conservation Practice and Policy (articles that describe the application of conservation science to goals for management, policy or education), Comments, Diversity (opinion pieces on concepts, methods or applications), Letters (short articles of immediate interest), and Book Reviews (by invitation only).

Conservation Biology is the most frequently cited conservation journal in the world.

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