Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a breed of cat that is very distinguishable from other cats, because it has no hair except for down. Most breeds of domestic cat have three different types of hair in their coat, yet the Cornish Rex only has an undercoat, thus not shedding like other cats. Their coat is the softest of any breed.

These cats are best suited for indoor living in warm and dry conditions because of their light coat. The Cornish Rex tends to gravitate towards warmth naturally, often finding a spot near a light bulb or a computer, or other warm places. They have been said to have a cheesy scent about them; this odor comes from the glands in their paws.

The breed originated in the 1950s as a genetic mutation from a litter of kittens born on a farm in Cornwall, UK. A few generations in, the breed was mated with a Siamese to give the breed their long tails and huge ears. They are often referred to as the “Greyhound of cats” because of their sleek appearance and their form when they run. The Cornish Rex is oftentimes acrobatic and very adventurous. It is also a very curious breed and some consider it mischievous.

The Devon Rex, a similar breed, appears to look like the Cornish Rex; however it has guard hairs and sheds. Another hairless breed is the Sphynx cat which has no hair but may have a light coat of fuzz. The Cornish’s Rex’s short hair does not make it hypo-allergenic, despite some belief otherwise.

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