Corsac Fox

The corsac fox (Vulpes corsac) is a species of fox.

Range and habitat

This fox lives in the steppes and semi-desert of central and northeast Asia. They are found in large area of central Asia including Turkistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Transbaikalia, northern Manchuria and parts of Russia.

Physical appearance

It is gray to gray-red in color with silver undertones. It has white under the chin. Length of head and body is 19.69 to 23.62 in (50 to 60 cm). The tail length is 8.66 to 13.78 in (22 to 35 cm). For a fox it has small teeth.


They are omnivore, eating small animals, birds, reptiles, insects & plants.

Reproduction and life cycle

Mating season is around January. Its pregnancy period is about 8 weeks. They have litters between two and six young. This fox lives three to twelve years.


The corsac fox are more social than other foxes. They will share burrows and form hunting packs.