Cottage garden

Cottage gardens, developed in England as functional gardens attached to cottages of the working class were simplistic in style and left to grow at will. These gardens contained vegetables and herbs, fruit trees, beehives and some livestock, such as pigs and chickens. Flowers were used as fillers for the empty spaces but soon gardens were designed just for the flowers. Cottage gardens were closed in with arbors or fencing made from hedges keeping the garden private. Gardeners will dress up their cottage garden with ornaments such as a sun-dial, path pavements, and various sitting areas utilizing natural materials.

Rose is the traditional cottage garden flower with its strong fragrance and resistance to disease, making it a virtually care free plant. Climbing vines are also common in the gardens as well as perennials and self-sowing flowers.

Image Caption: A typical cottage garden. Credit: Guido Gerding/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)