Crescent Nail-tail Wallaby

The Crescent Nail-tail Wallaby (Onychogalea lunata), was a species of wallaby that lived in the woodlands and scrubs of the west and center of Australia. It had silky fur and, like other nail-tail wallabies, had a horny spur at the tip of its tail. It was the size of a hare and was the smallest nail-tail wallaby. When it was chased, it tended to seek refuge in a hollow tree. It entered at the bottom, clambered up and appeared at an opening high above.

It remained common, even in agricultural districts of western and southern Australia, until around 1900. By 1908 it had seen a dramatic decline in population and was nearly extinct. The last specimen to be captured alive was caught in a dingo trap on the Nullarbor Plain in 1927. It remained critically endangered until the mid 1950s when they became extinct, in 1956, most likely due to the spread of the fox.