Crested Servaline Genet, Genetta cristata

The crested servaline genet (Genetta cristata), also known as the crested genet, is a carnivore that is related to linsangs and civets. It is native to southeastern Nigeria, and it may occur in Cameroon, Gabon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is named for the unique crest located on the back of its neck.

The crested servaline genet is considered a distinct species, but some experts consider it a subspecies of the servaline genet. It is threatened by habitat loss and hunting, especially in areas where the Niger Delta is being used for oil production and in the Cross River State Forests, where much of its viable habitat is being destroyed or changed into farmlands.  The crested servaline genet is listed on the IUCN Red List as “Vulnerable”.

Image Caption: Crested Servaline Genet, Genetta cristata. Credit: Ina96/Wikipedia(CC BY 3.0)