Croatian Sheepdog

The Croatian Sheepdog is a very old bred of dog native to Croatia. The Croats brought the ancestors of the breed to Croatia from their original native land. The first written record of the breed was written around the year 1374. The breed instinctively works sheep and cattle and may have once worked pigs.

The breed is medium-sized and has a somewhat long, muscular back. It stands from 16 to 21 inches tall and is somewhat rectangular-shaped. It weighs between 29 and 43 pounds. The coat is predominantly long and curly (or wavy), and its base color is always black, although it may have patches of other colors. Its undercoat is dense. The head of the breed is wedge-shaped and lean. Its eyes are brown to black, almond-shaped, medium-sized, and very expressive. Its ears are generally erect and its neck is long, with a gradual transition to its muscular back. The tail is usually docked, but it can be long and hang down or be carried above the back. The coat on its legs is feathered in the back. The bones of the Croatian Sheepdog are lightweight, yet the dog is well muscled and sturdy.

The Croatian Sheepdog is a high-energy breed that can make a wonderful companion, herder, or watchdog. It has a strong need for companionship, and is extremely alert and intelligent. The breed needs plenty of exercise and is a great participant in dog sports. The breed is loyal and listens to its master, but it requires a firm hand when training. The Croatian Sheepdog typically only takes commands for one person and responds well to obedience training. The breed has a tendency to be fairly vocal and it is necessary to socialize.

The Croatian Sheepdog can typically begin work at around 6 months of age. It is quick to comprehend its duties and can adapt to nearly any situation.

The breed is generally healthy and is not incredibly high maintenance when it comes to grooming. All it needs is an occasional brushing and a bath.