Cucujiformia is an infraorder of Polyphagan beetles, representing the vast majority of plant eating beetles.

The infraorder contains six superfamilies:

  • Lymexylidae (ship-timber beetles)
  • Cleroidea (checkered beetles, bark-gnawing beetles and soft winged flower beetles)
  • Cucujoidea (31 families that includes ladybirds, fungus beetles and bark beetles)
  • Tenebrionoidea (also Heteromera) (30 families including blister beetles and ant-like beetles)
  • Chrysomeloidea (4 families including Longhorn beetles & leaf beetles)
  • Curculionoidea (8 families primarliy consisting of weevils and also including snout beetles)

PHOTO CAPTION: The Asian multicolored lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis), is easy to identify from its false “eyes”””twin white football-shaped markings behind the head. In color, the insects range from black to mustard, with zero to many spots. A common U.S. form is mustard to red and has 16 or more black spots. USDA photo by Scott Bauer.