Cumulus Clouds

There are several types of cumulus clouds. Some are only 3,000ft above the ground while others are found above 20,000ft. They range in size from small to very large and have a wide aspect on impacting the weather.

Cumulus- These clouds are generally found 3,000ft above the ground and white in color. They are formed by warm air rising from the surface and saturating in the upper levels. These types of clouds can look like shapes and animals . They are sometimes referred to as the marshmallow clouds of the sky. When these clouds are present, the weather is going to be fair with no chance of rain.

Towering Cumulus Clouds- These clouds are known for their vertical extent. The base is usually about 3,000ft above ground and the top can extend to well over 10,000ft. These clouds are sometimes referred to as TCU, which is short for towering cumulus clouds. They also have a very dark base or bottom because they hold large amounts of precipitation. The tops and sides of these clouds are usually white in appearance.

Cumulus-nimbus clouds- These are the tallest of the three clouds. They can create severe weather such as tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds and very heavy rain. The base starts near 3,000ft above ground with the tops reaching upwards of 45,000ft. Most important about these clouds is that the weather is going to be bad. These clouds are most common throughout the year where there is very warm and moist air present.