Cybook Opus

The Cybook Opus is an e-book reader produced by Bookeen from France, released on July 27, 2009. The operating system for the Opus is Linux with an open source firmware. In June 2010, Bookeen published and improved firmware with a one-second mode which allows the device to be turned on and off in one second. It also keeps the last page read open and the user does not have to reboot each time.

There is no keyboard and it does not have a dictionary or bookmarks. There is no internet access available and is meant for reading only.

The display is a five-inch E-Ink screen using black, white and 2-bit grayscale. It has a USB slot for charging the battery, connecting to a computer and downloading content. The CPU is a Samsung S3C2440 with 400MHz, storage is a 1 GB flash drive, and it has 32 MB of RAM.

It can store up to 1,000 titles on the internal storage; a microSD slot allows up to 32 MB of external storage. The Opus connects to a PC, supports all major operating systems, and the user can easily copy books to the internal or external storage of the Opus. Books can be categorized into folders and the device has a delete option.

The rechargeable battery has an 8,000 page flip life and takes five hours to recharge.

There are two long buttons to the right side of the screen used for page navigation. Buttons can be flipped to allow for one hand page turning. The Opus has a four-way navigation wheel with a menu button in the center for using the menu system, but also can be used for page turning. It has a back button to return to the previous option or screen. The screen can be changed between portrait and landscape automatically if the option is enabled. All of the controls change as well. No matter how the Opus is held, the functions of the buttons will remain — top or right will go to next page, and bottom or left will go to previous page.

The Opus uses true-type fonts with text formats like PDF, TXT, fb2, and HTML without conversion. Other formats can be converted with third party software. It also can be used as an image viewer that supports black and white JPEG, GIF, and PNG files.

The device supports twelve different font sizes from very small to very large. You can also add your own fonts through the USB. The Opus supports 23 different languages; but to use the Chinese interface, a Chinese font must be present in the font’s dictionary.

Image Caption: Bookeen Cybook Opus. Credit: DaleDe/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)