Cyclamen mirabile

Cyclamen mirabile is a perennial plant species that was first identified and named in 1906. The species is a member of the Myrsinaceae family. C. mirabile is indigenous to southwestern Turkey and can be found in the Turkish pine woodland and maquis shrubland.

C. mirabile develops a flattened, round tuber. This tuber is a swollen structure of the plant intended to store the plant’s nutrients through the winter or dry months. The C. mirabile species has wide, heart-shaped leaves. Leaves edges are toothed and the leaf appears green. A light green/silver-ish pattern is sometimes seen on the leaves surface. Flowers bloom in the spring and fall months and are typically pleasantly fragrant. Two forms of the plant exist: C. mirabile f. mirabile, which features a flower in various shades of pink with dark blotches and C. mirabile f. niveum that has pure white flowers. Each form’s petals are toothed, as are its leaves.

Image Caption: Cyclamen mirabile flowers. Credit: Tejvan Pettinger/Wikipedia (CC  2.0)