Cyclamen repandum

Cyclamen repandum is a flowering plant species. The species is a member of the Myrsinaceae family. The name “repandum” is derived from the Latin word, meaning “bent back”. This name refers to the flower’s petals.

C. repandum plants can be found in southern Europe and scattered throughout the Mediterranean Islands, specifically in southeastern France, Italy, and Serbia and on Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The plant is found growing in rocky areas, shrublands and woodlands.

The C. repandum species is known to develop a tuber. This tuber is a structure of the plant that is used for storing nutrients, necessary for the plant’s survival during the winter or dry months. The plant’s leaves are heart-shaped and are more wide than long. Leaves appear dark green in color and are often toothed or lobed. A lighter pattern appears on the leaf’s upper surface. The late spring months bring flowers to bloom. Flowers are known to have long petals ranging in various shades of pink or having a white or ivory coloration.

Image Caption: Flowers of a Cyclamen repandum. Credit: Tigerente/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)