Datousaurus, meaning “Chieftain lizard” or “Big-head lizard”, is a genus of dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period. It was found in the Lower Shaximiao Formation in Dashanpu, China. It was named by Dong Zhiming and Tang in 1984, and the only species known is D. bashanensis. Only two partial skeletons have been discovered. Neither had a well preserved skull, although one skull has been found that has been credited to the genus Datousaurus.

Datousaurus measured about 49 feet in length. Its skull was large for a sauropod. It is assumed that this dinosaur was not as social as other sauropods, based on the rarity of fossils found, and the fact that most sauropod discoveries had many individuals preserved in a single deposit. The teeth of Datousaurus were spoon shaped, which could be a sign that it fed on different plant species than other dinosaurs. This feeding habit may have reduced competition between genera.

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