Delta National Forest

The Delta National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in western Mississippi. It is located in Sharkey County and has an area of 60,898 acres. The forest headquarters are located in Jackson, Mississippi, as are all six National Forest in Mississippi, but there are local ranger district offices found in Rolling Fork. It is one of only six National Forests that are featured entirely within a single county.

The Green Ash-Overcup Oak-Sweetgum Research National Areas within the Delta National Forest are rare example of an unspoiled bottomlands hardwood forest. They were established National Natural Landmarks in May of 1976.

The forest is special and unusual among the national forests. By the 1980s, less than 20 percent of Mississippi River’s original forested wetlands remained and a lot of that was in the Delta National Forest, a “green jewel” in the Yazoo River Basin of the Lower Mississippi Valley. Special areas, called Greentree Reservoirs, have been established within the Delta National Forest with the goal to reduce man’s negative impact to waterfowl and other wildlife who make the national forest their home. In these areas, man mimics nature’s cycle of flooding and receding waters. But there is a potential for issues due to these actions.

Image Caption: Sunflower Wildlife Management Area in Delta National Forest, Mississippi. Credit: U.S. Forest Service/Wikipedia