Devon Rex

The Devon Rex was discovered in Devon, UK in 1960 near a disused tin mine. They were initially thought to be related to the Cornish rex, however testing proved otherwise. The Devon Rex has only awn hair and down with no guard hair, giving them a sparse, curly, very soft coat. They are popular among pet owners and are often featured in Cat Fancy magazine, probably because of their striking appearance. The average Devon Rex, because of its rarity, sells for $500 to $750.

The Devon Rex is a medium sized breed, often called “pixie cat” or “alien cat” because of its unique appearance. They have very large ears set low on the sides of their wide heads. They have large eyes and upturned noses. The Devon’s whiskers are short and curled to an extent that they may appear to be whisker-less. They have long sturdy legs, large toes, and very light bodies.

A typical Devon is playful, active and friendly. The breed has been described as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey. They prefer to be in the highest spot in a room. They can usually be trained similarly to a dog to jump, heel, and fetch. Most Devons have one person to whom they are devoted to, and they affectionately show this. They enjoy being nested between their owner’s neck and shoulder.

The Devon Rex is not a hypoallergenic cat, but is often marketed as one. However, these cats would be better for someone with allergies to own than a typical cat with three layers of hair.

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