DINA S.A. is a Mexican automotive manufacturer of heavy trucks, specialty trucks, urban buses, armored military vehicles and intercity coaches. The company was founded in 1951 and is owned by the Gomez Flores family located in Ciudad Sahagun, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Products manufactured by DINA are distributed to the UK, US, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Mexico, Nicaragua and other Central and South American countries.

The company was founded under the name Diesel Nacional S.A. with an agreement with Fiat SPA to produce trucks and buses. In 1962 production of foreign buses and trucks using International and Cummins engines began.

In 1987 an agreement was signed with NAVISTAR to use their technology and in 1989 DINA was acquired by Consortium “G” Group DINA but continued to use the technology provided by NAVISTAR.

In 1990 DINA unified with Paradiso bodyworks to form an alliance.

In 1995 DINA invested $70 million to upgrade their manufacturing with advice from BMW and Roush industries. In the process new class 6, 7 and 8 trucks were built meeting international regulations for the world market.

In 1997 an auto parts division opened in Argentina and an AIRDIN plant in Bernal, Argentina. Mexico began to manufacture its bus line of F11, F12 and F14 models.

In 1998 DINA ended its partnership with NAVISTAR and began exporting a new line of vehicles, the HTQ, to 14 different countries. It also signed an order agreement with Western Star, but they cancelled the order which caused a financial crisis in the company. In the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, five plants were opened in an industrial complex for supplying the market with auto parts and bodywork manufacturing.

In 2001 the HTQ was utilized in all of their intercity buses.

In 2008, the HTQ manufacturing technology was used in their trucks and city buses as well as the urban buses, foreign buses and work trucks.

With the creation of 1,300 jobs initially, and a $100 million upgrade, the production capacity is 23 units per day.

DINA S.A.’s product lineup:

Urban transport models include the HTQ LINNER and the HTQ LINNER 8, 9 and 10; an HTQ LINNER G is a natural gas version. Other vehicles include an intercity transport vehicle (the HTQ OUTSIDER), a cargo port tractor (the HUSTLER), and a high density Urban Transport vehicle (the BRIGHTER).

Image Caption: A late DINA HTQ model. Credit: A1sun/Wikipedia (public domain)