Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a cryptozoological creature that was claimed to have been sighted in Dover, Massachusetts on April 21 and 22, 1977. Loren Coleman was the first cryptozoologist to investigate the sightings and also gave the creature its name.

Three other investigators were brought to the area, Joseph Nyman, Ed Fogg, and Walter Webb, all ufologists. Coleman didn’t believe the creature was an extraterrestrial, but wanted experienced investigators to conduct the interviews with the eyewitnesses, their families and law enforcement.

It has alien like characteristics with large glowing eyes, but no other facial features. It stands around four feet tall and its skin is hairless and skin toned.

The first sighting of the Demon was by three seventeen-year old boys. Bill Bartlett who was driving the vehicle they were in spotted something in the headlight beams. He thought it was a dog or cat at first glance, but realized it wasn’t when he took a closer look as it crawled on a stone wall.

Bartlett described the creature as having a large watermelon-shaped head, with no nose, ears, or mouth and it had orange glowing eyes, like glass marbles. The arms and legs of the creature were long and thin with slender fingers. Its skin was hairless and flesh colored.

Claims from other witnesses describe the creature having green eyes and smooth chalky gray skin. However, all witnesses said it had no nose, ears, or mouth.

An hour later two other young teens sighted the creature as they were walking home. It ran into a ditch and stood next to a tree. A similar looking creature was seen the next day by two other teens while driving down Springdale Ave. The description they gave said it was about the size of a goat and had green eyes that reflected in the headlights.

Sketches were drawn by some of the witnesses shortly after their encounters. Bartlett included on his drawing this note, “I, Bill Bartlett, swear on a stack of bibles that I saw this creature.”

This cryptid has become used in a couple of areas. Japanese figurines have been developed, and an X-COM game uses a similar looking creature as one of its aliens.

Possible explanations for the Dover Demon are that it may be an extraterrestrial being, a mutant animal, and one zoologist states it may have been a baby moose. But, at that time there were no moose inhabiting that area.

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