Dragon Li

The dragon li, also known as the China Li Hua or the Li Hua Ma, among other names, is a domestic cat breed that originated in China. This natural breed is a descendent of a wild natural breed, or landrace, and occurs in dynastic culture and Chinese folklore. Although it goes by many names in its native China, which has caused some confusion, it has more recently been called the dragon li or the Chinese Li Hua in recognition of the cultural popularity of the Chinese dragon.

The dragon li is muscular and stout-bodied, a trait that connects it to its possible wild relative, the Chinese mountain cat, and has yellowish green eyes. Its fur is thick and holds a distinct golden brown color, with a broken striped or broken mackerel tabby pattern occurring along its body. This breed has an intelligent temperament and is very aware of its surroundings and people. The dragon li is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) of America and the Cat Aficionado Association (CAA) of China. It gained recognition by both of these clubs by participating in cat shows.

Image Caption: Chinese Li Hua Mau or Dragon Li cat. Credit: Definitive1/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)