The Drever, also known as the Swedish Dachsbracke, is a scent hound, bred to hunt hares, roe deer, and fox. It may be a combination of the Westphalian Dachsbracke and a beagle. The first Drever was registered in Sweden in 1913.

The body of the Drever is similar to most hunting dogs in appearance, yet its legs are very short. The tallest Drever stands 15 inches high, much shorter than most hunting hounds.

The breed typically is kept solely as a hunting dog and rarely ever used as a companion animal. The breed is alert and even-tempered. The Drever is known for its stamina and its ability to approach even the most skittish deer without scaring them away. The breed is very practical for hunting and named after its capabilities; “Drev” is the Swedish word for “hunt”.

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