Dumeril’s Boa, Boa dumerili

The Boa dumerili or Acrantophis dumerili is a non-venomous species of snake found on the western coast and in the southwestern regions of Madagascar and Reunion Island. These areas are semi-arid, getting low amounts of precipitation. The common name for this species is Dumeril’s boa.

The boa feeds on small animals like birds, lizards, and rodents; it will also feed on other snakes if need be. The boa is nocturnal and therefore hunts at night; it is a constrictor, therefore once it captures its prey it will wrap itself around the prey until the prey is dead.

The adult snake will grow to up to 8 feet long and could weigh up to 20 pounds. The male has a longer flatter tail while the female is bigger overall. It has a grey-brown skin with dark patches, which gives it a camouflage ability. The boa will reach sexual maturity between 3-5 years. The male has two sexual organs called hemipenes and two anal spurs used to attract the female. The mating season starts in March and goes through May with their young being born 6 – 8 months later. The Female will give birth to 6-28 live neonates that are 12-18 inches long.

The Dumeril’s boa is becoming a very popular snake to own as a pet. It is non-aggressive and docile. In captivity it can mate until December since the climate is controlled. These snakes are sensitive to stress, even as babies. While in captivity, these boas are known to resort to cannibalism if need be, therefore they should always be kept separate except for mating purposes.

Image Caption: Dumeril’s Boa (Boa Dumerili). Credit: Bjoertvedt/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)