Duroc Pig

The Duroc pig is a breed of domestic pig that originated in the United States during the 1800s in New England. It was one of several red strains and is thought to have been developed by crossbreeding New York’s strain of Duroc, which was older, and the Jersey red. The modern breed was first used as a show hog in the 1950’s and is primarily used as a breeding hog today.

The original Duroc strain was established in New York by Isaac Frink, who purchased hogs from Harry Kelsey in 1823. He named the new breed the Duroc, after Kelsey’s Thoroughbred stallion, and later bred his strain with a strain of red pigs owned by William Ensign. The new strain of Durocs was smaller than the Jersey reds of that time, but it was heavier than today’s market hogs.

The Duroc pig is medium in length and muscular in build, with slightly drooping ears. They can vary greatly in color from yellowish gold to dark red or mahogany. Because red is a popular color among pork producers and this breed has no markings, it is more practical for breeders than other breeds.

Image Caption: A Duroc sow at a livestock show in England. Credit: David Merrett/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)