Eagle (automobile)

Eagle was a subsidiary of the Chrysler  Corporation formed after Chrysler purchased the American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1987. Chrysler mostly re-branded the AMC vehicles instead of creating new models.

The Eagle name was used from the AMC Eagle and sold along side Jeep at AMC dealers. The typical Chrysler logo was not used, instead an eagle head was featured on each Eagle vehicle.

Two of the first models produced were the Eagle Premier and the Eagle Medallion. These were designed by AMC, other vehicles were renamed versions of other Chrysler divisions, with a few imports from Mitsubishi Motors.

Chrysler separated the dealers into three divisions, Dodge; Chrysler-Plymouth and Jeep-Eagle.

Eagle vehicles being sold along side the popular Jeep and the lack of product recognition caused sales to suffer. Buyers who went to a Jeep dealer weren’t interested in a passenger car. Chrysler themselves were in financial difficulty and could not dump funds into the newly acquired company.

After a decade of low sales, Chrysler announced in September 1997 that the Eagle brand would be discontinued. The last Eagle was completed a short time after.

Chrysler had planned to redesign the Eagle Vision in 1999. Prototypes had been previously built and the Vision model was produced through September 1997, but the project was halted and no further production was done.

The prototype that was produced became the Chrysler 300M.

Vehicles produced by Eagle includes the Eagle Wagon (1988); Eagle Medallion (1988-89); Eagle Premier (1988-1992); Eagle Vista (1988-1992); Eagle Summit (1989-1996); Eagle Talon (1990-1998); Eagle 2000GTX (1991-92) and the Eagle Vision (1993-1997).

Image Caption: Eagle Premier. Credit: Bull-Doser/Wikipedia (public domain)