ECTACO jetBook

The ECTACO jetBook is a line of e-book readers developed by ECTACO released globally in October 2008. Other models released were the jetBook lite in January 2010, the jetBook mini in August, 2010, and the jetBook color.

The display on the jetBook is a 5-inch reflective LCD screen with no backlight. It has an automatic page-turn and bookmark function. English is built into the device with an explanatory dictionary and supports most European and Asian languages, with adjustable font sizes, 12 pt to 32 pt, in Arial and Verdana. It supports screen rotation for portrait or landscape views.

The jetBook has a built-in MP3 player that supports background playback. Supported text file formats include TXT, PDF, FB2, ePUB, MOBI/PRC, RTF, and HTML. Image files supported are GIF, BMP, PNG, and JPEG.

There is 112MB internal memory available for books with an SD card slot for an additional 2GB. The rechargeable battery has up to 22 hours of read time.

It came pre-loaded with a travel guide, CIA World Factbook, and another version included the bible.

Some features of the jetBook include T9 text input which uses the dictionary to complete words as they are typed. A file manager that allows the user to create folders, move, rename, and delete files. The folder system uses the conventional file naming of Author_Name#Title_of_Book.txt to list and sort files. It has a PDF viewer with zoom, pan, and scroll support; has a built-in dictionary for multiple languages and some language translation is supported.

The differences in the models are the jetBook lite has a six-inch screen, uses 4 AA batteries, has up to 32GB of extra storage from an SD card, and does not support audio.

The jetBook mini has a five inch screen, uses 4 AAA batteries, up to 90 hours of run time and a one year standby when using lithium batteries. It has only three buttons, a clock and date function, and does not support audio.

The jetBook color has a 9.7-inch E-Ink screen and uses a special stylus. It has a built in microphone and speaker. It has connections for an AC adaptor and a PC. The battery has up to 10,000 page turns on a full charge. It supports 14 different file formats and has 4 GB internal memory with a microSD slot for an additional 32GB.

Image Caption: ECTACO jetBook e-reader in black. Credit: Stephan Meyer/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)