Egyptian Cobra

The Egyptian Cobra, Naja haje, is a type of venomous snake native to North Africa and the Middle East. The Egyptian Cobra is the most common cobra in Africa. It lives from the Sahara Desert to the Syrian Desert. This cobra preys on small mammals, lizards, toads, and other snakes, including the puff adder and the cape cobra.

The main characteristic of this snake is the head and the hood. The head is large and depressed with a broad snout. The cobra’s eyes are big with a round pupil inside. Its neck may range from 6 to 7 inches wide. Its venom is extremely toxic and the second most toxic of any cobra. Sometimes the Egyptian Cobra is thought to be deadlier than the Cape Cobra (which is in fact the deadliest cobra in Africa) because it is larger, more aggressive and can inject more venom per bite. The Egyptian Cobra’s bite has been proven to induce a quick and painless death.