El-Nino impacts to Annapolis Maryland

El-Nino is marked with having warmer waters in the Pacific Ocean, so how can it have impacts on Annapolis Maryland?

Here is a look at what occurred during an EL-Nino event as we evaluate three months of the cycle.

January 2012- Temperatures for the month are usually around 30-40F during a normal period. Examining what occurred during the month of January during an EL-Nino event we can see the temps where on average 40% of the month right around 30degree nights and 40degree days. While, 16% of the month the temps were above normal and 44% of the month the temps were below normal which is typical of an EL-Nino time period. Precipitation for the month did fall into average, however, it was on the higher end near 4inches, while average precipitation is around 2-4inches. Also it was noted that the month experienced a strong push of cold air supporting heavy snowfall another identity of winter EL-Nino’s which is an increase in normal snowfall amounts.

February 2012- The average temps during a normal time period would be around 30-40F for the month. During the EL-Nino cycle we saw that temps where near average 61% of the month, while 4% of the month was above and 36% of the month was below average again showing signs of being colder which is typical of El-Nino. In February the Annapolis area usually sees precipitation in the range of 2-4inches while during this El-Nino month they saw 3.72inches of rainfall and a heavy snow which is well above normal for the region, another common feature of El-Nino is to see snowfall amounts that can be above average.

March 2012- During the month of March the average temps usually increase to around 40-50F during a normal phase, while during this El-Nino event we saw the temps near normal 44% of the month and 35% of the month above normal and 21% of the month below normal. During This month we saw a shift to the end of EL-Nino as the colder air was starting to weaken. The precipitation for this month is usually around 3-5inches while during this El-Nino event Annapolis saw 5.53inches which is just a tad above normal climate averages for the month.