Elfin Sports Cars

Elfin Sports Cars Pty Ltd, is an Australian automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1957 by Garrie Cooper. The company produces sports cars and race cars. It is the oldest and one of the most successful sports car makers in Australia, with 29 championships and major Grand Prix titles.

Previously owned by Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch, Elfin is now owned by the estate of former British race car driver Tom Walkinshaw, purchased from the former owners in 1998.

The original factory was located at Conmurra Avenue, Edwardstown in suburban Adelaide, South Australia; it is now located at Braeside, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Garrie Cooper died of a heart attack on April 25, 1982. After his father, Cliff Cooper, completed the outstanding orders in the company, he put the company up for sale. In 1983, Tasmanian Don Elliott, Tony Edmondson and John Porter bought Elfin Sports Car Company.

In 1993, Murray Richards acquired ownership of Elfin with the ambition to build a new race car — the Type 3. However, he sold Elfin to Hemming and Kovatch because of failing health.

Current models being produced by Elfin are the MS8 Streamliner and the MS8 Clubman, both V-8 powered. A turbocharged four-cylinder-powered T5 Clubman was recently introduced, with all three models using GM powertrains.

From 1959-1984, Elfin produced 27 different racing and racing sports car models with 248 total vehicles built. After the death of Cooper, Elfin produced 99 more racing vehicles using various engines from 1984-2007.

Image Caption: An Elfin T5 Clubman at the 2008 Australian International Motorshow in Sydney. Credit: Kevin.Kwan/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)