Elmendorf Beast

The Elmendorf Beast has been blamed for several attacks on livestock in the town of Elmendorf, Texas. A variety of opinions on what the creature was have been disclosed, with one such claim offering that it was a Mexican Hairless Dog mutated by illness.

Some local residents associate it with the legend of the Chupacabra, and others claimed it was an escaped lab experiment or an unknown species discovered.

In August of 2004, an animal perceived as the Elmendorf Beast was shot by a local rancher, Devin McAnally. It weighed 20 pounds and had a severe overbite. Its skin was blue and hairless and experts from the San Antonio Zoo could not identify the creature. Speculation thought it to be a Mexican Hairless Dog.

After a DNA test was performed at the University of California, it was determined to be a coyote with sarcoptic mange and it was not originally hairless.

Two similar carcasses were found in Texas; both were established to be coyotes with a severe case of the mange.

Image Caption: A coyote with mange. Credit: Wikipedia/USDA