ENSO Impacts On Baltimore Tornado Count

ENSO has an impact on the severe weather across the United States.  As we look at the above graph we see that the area of Baltimore is impacted by ENSO and its tornado count. The stats are for the described years to the left of each bar.

During a La-Nina the tornado count picks up for the region; within 50 miles of the city up to 9 tornadoes occurred during the 2000 event.

The 2010 EL-Nino set into the region and the tornado count dropped to around 4 tornadoes within 50 miles of the city.

2009 was a Neutral phase of the ENSO cycle ND provided the second highest tornado count at seven.

In summary the ENSO cycle has major impacts on the severe weather for the Baltimore Maryland area.

redOrbit.com Meteorologist Joshua Kelly