Epaulet Skimmer, Orthetrum chrysostigma

The epaulet skimmer (Orthetrum chrysostigma) is a species of dragonfly that can be found in a large range that includes Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda, with possible populations occurring on Burundi and the Canary Islands. It can be found near almost all types of slow moving and still waters in tropical and subtropical moist and arid forests, savannahs, and shrublands. The males of this species are blue in color, while females are green in color.

The epaulet skimmer is abundant throughout its range and often appears in large groups. Although the species as a whole is not threatened, some local populations can be threatened by water pollution and habitat loss. The epaulet skimmer does not need any conservation and appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Least Concern.”

Image Caption: Female Orthetrum chrysostigma, commonly called Epaulet Skimmer. Pictured in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Credit: Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wikipedia