Epoch Super Cassette Vision

The Super Cassette Vision was a video game console manufactured by Epoch and released in, 1984 in Japan. It was the successor to the Epoch Cassette Vision released on July 30, 1981, which used cartridges and was the first programmable game system. Another console released by Epoch was the Cassette Vision Jr. The Super Cassette Vision was also released in Europe but with little success.

Epoch also produced a handheld system called the Game Pocket Computer, which ended up being a failure. These four systems were the only devices produced by Epoch.

There were 11 games released for the Cassette Vision, and 31 released for the Super Cassette Vision.

The two controllers of the Super Cassette Vision were hard-wired joysticks, whereas the original system had integrated controllers. The Super Cassette system had 128 bytes RAM, 4KB ROM and 4KB VRAM. It used 16 colors, 128 sprites and one sound channel with a PD1771C sound processor.

Image Caption: The original Epoch Cassette Vision. Credit: Evan-Amos/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)