Eurasian Bullfinch

The Eurasian Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula), also known as the Common Bullfinch, is a passerine bird species in the finch family Fringillidae. This bird breeds across Europe and temperate Asia. It is mainly resident, but many northern birds migrate further south in the winter. Breeding habitat is mixed woodland with some conifers, including parkland and gardens.

The Eurasian Bullfinch is a bulky bull-headed bird. The upper parts are gray. The cap, face, flight feathers and short thick bill are black, and the white rump and wing bars are striking in flight. The adult male has red underparts, but females and young birds have gray-buff underparts. The pleasant song of this unobtrusive bird contains fluted whistles.

It builds its nest in a bush or tree, laying 4-7 eggs. The food is mainly seeds and buds of fruit trees, which can make it a pest in orchards. This species does not form large flocks outside the breeding season, and is usually seen as a pair or family group.