The Eurasier, also called the Eurasian is a spitz type companion breed which originated in Germany in 1960. The breed is a combination of the Wolfspitz, the Chow Chow, and the Samoyed. It was first officially recognized in 1973.

The breed is medium-sized, standing from 16 to 24 inches high and weighing 40 to 70 pounds. It has the characteristic prick ears of a spitz, and a thick undercoat with loose guard hair, which appears fuzzy. The coat can be fawn, red, wolf-grey, black, or black and tan.

The Eurasier makes an excellent companion; it is very loving and needs close contact with its family. It enjoys the bond of those it is close to, yet is reserved toward strangers. It is a very sensitive breed and should not be harshly trained or reprimanded. The Eurasier enjoys being active and should not be restricted to small spaces, due to their livelihood. Its intelligence provides trainability.

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