European conger

The European conger, Conger conger, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in the eastern Atlantic from Norway and Iceland to Senegal, and also in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, at depths down to 3838.58 ft (1170 m). Length is up to 9.84 ft (3 m), and weight up to 242.51 lb (110 kg).

The European conger is found on rocky and sandy bottoms, staying near the coast when young and moving toward deeper waters upon reaching adulthood. It is a nocturnal predator of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. It is marketed fresh and frozen, and eaten fried and baked. Like other species of the group, it reproduces only once in its life. It is sexually mature at an age of 5 to 15 years, and spawns in summer in the Atlantic off Portugal and in the Mediterranean, producing 3 to 8 million eggs.