Fantail goldfish

A Fantail goldfish is a standard “fancy” type of goldfish. It has a dual-lobed tail, unlike its cousin the common or comet. Its fins can be different sizes, ranging from 1-3 in or more in length.

A typical fantail has paired fins, including anal fins, a single dorsal fin, and a round, pointed body shape. It can range in color, from bronze (known as chocolate), orange, red, calico, and mixes of the colors. It is the third hardiest of the fancy goldfish with Comet first and Shubunkin second, growing up to 6-7 in or more if given ample tank space. This variety of goldfish is among the hardiest of fancy goldfish and can live in ponds.

Fantails can live on plain fish flakes but should be given a bit of food variety and occasionally fed some shrimp or lettuce. Other things that can go into this fish’s diet include pellets, peas, sliced carrots, blood worms and special goldfish food. Lettuce should be frozen in the freezer and warmed before being fed to the fantail to make it easier for the fish to digest.

Fantails can be housed in tanks as small as three gallons but are much better of in the aquarium of 10 or more gallons. The tank should have a filter but does not require a heater as goldfish are a cold water species. In fact, fantails are best kept at room temperature.