The Faverolles is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in France in the 1860s, most often used for egg and meat production. When the breed was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1886, it was bred for show purposes and changed to have a more favorable appearance, but this did not affect its ability to lay eggs efficiently.

The weight of the Faverolles depends upon the standards of the country in which it is bred, with American standards calling for cocks to weigh eight pounds and hens to weight six pounds, while the British standard calls for bigger weights. It is a heavily feathered bird, with a muff, beard, and feathered feet, with each foot holding five toes. The most common coloration of this breed is salmon, which differs between the sexes, but it can also come in black, white, cuckoo, and blue. This breed is well adapted to living in confinement but also thrives in free range environments.

Image Caption: Salmon colored Faverolles cock and hen. Credit: Steven Walling/Stephen Jones/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)