Feature on the Surface Map

Tropical Storm Debbie on a surface chart. It is noted that just off the coast of Northern Florida a 999 surface pressure is found indicating to a meteorologist that an area of Lower pressure is arriving. In this case it’s Tropical Storm Debbie. The red lines indicate lines of equal pressure. Meteorologists label them in 4mb increments. So looking at the map it’s noted that there is a 08/04/00/96 line present in the photo highlighted with red.

Another feature is that the more of these lines in a smaller distance equals stronger winds. Also knowing that winds flow counter-clockwise around a Low pressure, such as Tropical Storm Debbie, the wind direction can be found.

Southeast Mississippi in this image has winds from the Northeast, while Florida has South-Southeast winds. Surface pressure is part of a weather observation that is recorded hourly by all the weather stations throughout the world and reported to the WMO Office.