Fishing Cat

The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus or Felis viverrina) is a medium-sized cat of Asia. Its habitat in Southeast Asia ranges through Indochina, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Java. Its fur has an olive-grey color with dark spots. The face has a distinctly flat-nosed appearance. The size is variable. It is 31.5 in 80 cm long in India. It is only 25.59 in (65 cm) in Indonesia.

The closest relative is the leopard cat. The fishing cat lives along rivers, brooks and mangrove swamps. It is perhaps better adapted to this habitat, since it swims often and skillfully.

As the name implies, fish is the main prey of this cat. They only hunt about 10 different species of fish. In addition it hunts for other aquatic animals like frogs or crayfish. It also hunts terrestrial animals like rodents and birds. The inter-digital webs on its paws help the cat gain better traction in muddy environments and water. Additionally, its claws are non-retractable, a feature unique to the cheetah and Iriomote cat.