Flatwoods monster

The Flatwoods monster is claimed to be an unidentified species of either a terrestrial cryptid or an extraterrestrial being. It was reported being seen in the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia, on September 12, 1952 on some land owned by a local farmer, G. Bailey Fisher. The witnesses include two brothers, Edward and Fred May, their mother Kathleen, a friend of the boys, Tommy Hyer, along with Neil Nunley, Ronnie Shaver, and national guardsman Eugene Lemon.

It was described as being ten feet tall with a red glowing face and a green, man-shaped body. The eyes were described as bulging and heart shaped. Various descriptions have arose with some stating the creature having no arms, while others claim it to have short stubby arms with long claw-like fingers.

Another unusual sight that accompanied the monster was a large, pulsating red ball of light and a pungent mist that burnt their eyes and nose. Two other small lights were seen to the left under an oak tree. Lemon shined his flashlight toward them. The creature was revealed, made a loud hiss and came toward them, then in panic the group fled.

The local authorities were informed and later that evening, Sheriff Robert Carr and co-owner of the local newspaper, A. Lee Stewart, conducted interviews and returned to the site with Lemon. An extensive search was conducted but no evidence was found.

The next day, Stewart returned to the site and discovered tracks, but was later revealed as tire marks from Max Lockard’s Chevy truck, who was at the site only hours before.

After the encounter, many accounts similar to the phenomenon were revealed. A mother and her daughter claimed to witness the creature along with the same odor a week before the September 12th incident. The daughter became violently ill afterwards and was admitted to the Clarksburg Hospital for three weeks.

Also several members of the group reported similar symptoms, including irritation of the nose and swelling of the throat. Lemon suffered from vomiting and convulsions for the entire night and the other symptoms persisted for several weeks.

A doctor who treated some of the group stated the symptoms were similar to exposure to mustard gas. However, these symptoms may also be from hysteria, brought on by a traumatic event.

Lemon’s mother stated at the time of the September 12 incident, her house shook and she lost her radio signal for 45 minutes. The director of the Board of Education also claimed to see a saucer take off from the area of the encounter around 6:30 in the morning on September 13.

Some explanations of the encounter are as follows:

The creature itself may have been a barn owl, which was exaggerated in midst of the excitement. And on the night of September 12, a meteor had been observed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Also three red aircraft beacons were flashing on that evening which may account for the pulsating red light and red glow on the face of the creature.

Annually, a three-day festival is put on in Flatwoods to commemorate the “Green Monster” encounter. It begins on Friday and ends on Sunday afternoon, with a weekend of music, a visit to the Green Monster Museum, and trips to the encounter site.

The Flatwoods monster has also been depicted in several games: The final boss in the NES game Amagon, a stage 02 boss in Space Harrier II, invading aliens in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and in the game Tumblepop.

The Flatwoods monster has also made appearances in a few TV series. In the SGT. Frog anime series episode “Fake it Til you Make it” and in The Simpsons cartoon in the episode “The Springfield Files.”

Image Caption: (LEFT) A reptoid being, similar to what the Flatwoods monster was described as. Credit: Cryptohunter/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) (RIGHT) A barn owl that some suggest is what was really seen by the witnesses. Credit: Racheeo/Wikipedia