Four-lined Skink

The Four-lined Skink, Eumeces tetragrammus, is a member of the skink family Eumeces. It occurs in northern Mexico and along the Mexican Gulf coast and in western and central Texas. They prefer lightly wooded areas, rocky areas, and grasslands. There are two subspecies; The Long-lined Skink and the Short-lined Skink.

The Long-lined skink is gray to light brown in color and has light stripes from the eyes extending to beyond its forelegs. The Short-lined skink is darker in color and has stripes that end before the forelegs. The young in both species has a blue tail, which fades as they mature. Adults of both species reach a length of about 7 inches.

The female lays about 5 to 12 eggs once a year, which she broods. Males develop orange (Short-Lined Skink) to red (Long-lined Skink) coloration of the head during the breeding season.