The Fouta is a breed of horse originating from Senegal, West Africa. Also known as the Foutanke, the horse was developed from crossing the Fleuve and M’Bayer breeds resulting in a light work horse.

The Fleuve horse is also found in Senegal, West Africa. This light horse was bred from crossing Barb horses with local ponies. The M’Bayer also evolved from the Barb horse and originated in the Baol region of Senegal. This breed is usually bay or chestnut.

The average horse in Senegal is lightly built and used for work, pulling loaded carts. The country houses over 500,000 horses that are used for transporting goods, tourists and the local population through the crowded city streets.

Image Caption: A working horse of Senegal. Credit: Jeff Attaway/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)