Gasosaurus, meaning “Gas lizard” is a genus of tetanuran theropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic Period around 164 million years ago. It was discovered in Dashanpu, China in a quarry that was being dug out for the construction of a gas facility (hence its name) in 1985. The only remains recovered were missing a skull. The type species, G. constructus, was named and described by Dong Zhiming and Tang Zilu. Due to lack of extensive remains found, little is known about this dinosaur. Some studies place this dinosaur with either the
Kaijiangosaurus or Megalosaurus.

Gasosaurus had strong legs and short arms. It was most likely a carnivore. It is estimated to have been about 13 feet in length and weighed approximately 330 pounds. This would have been a medium-sized carnivore of its time. Because little is known about this dinosaur, there is debate on the actual size of the dinosaur. Some have placed the weight at a more sizable 875 pounds.