Geophysical Journal International

Geophysical Journal International is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publish monthly by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society and the German Geophysical Society. The editor-in-chief is Jeannot Trampert of TA Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The primary focus of this journal is fundamental research in Geophysics. Publishing formats are original research, research notes, letters, and book reviews. Coverage includes computational, theoretical, observational and applied geophysics. Published results are disseminated knowledge of the Earth’s internal structure, its physical properties, its processes and its evolution.

Topics frequently covered in Geophysical Journal International include earthquake seismology as related to the physics of earthquakes, earth’s gravitational field, terrestrial geodesy, satellite geodesy, earth’s physical shape (deformation and mass transfer), geomagnetism, paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, plate tectonics, mineral physics, earth as a whole system, marine geosciences, electromagnetism, and subfields of applied geophysics.

In 1988, the journal communicated its intentions to eventually expand coverage into planetary science. In 2004, when planetary science increased in Europe, and the European Space Agency also indicated it was planning expansion in this area, the journal expanded its scope into planetary science.

The journal was formerly entitle Geophysical Journal (Oxford) from January 1988 to June 1989. The journal was formed by the merger of three publications: Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society (ca. 1958-1987), Journal of Geophysics (ca. 1974-1987), and Annales Geophysicae, Series B: Terrestrial and Planetary Physics (ca. 1924-1982).

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