German Coolie

The German Coolie is a herding breed. There is no existing evidence of its origin, but it is most likely a derivative of early herding breeds from the UK. The breed is incredibly intelligent and displays endurance, as well as the ability to receive and respond to commands. There is no trace of the German Coolie in Germany, and the breed calls Australia home. Registries for the Coolie in America were not formed until 2005.

The Coolie is a medium-sized breed which generally has a short coat and triangular, pricked ears. The coat is usually red or blue merle, but it can be a solid color as well. Its eyes can be black, blue, brown, green or a combination of blue and brown.

The breed is very intelligent and active, and it has a very strong herding instinct. It is easy to train and friendly towards children and other pets. The breed is very responsive to commands and can easily learn to excel in obedience and agility. The German Coolie also makes an excellent search and rescue breed or therapy dog. It needs plenty of exercise, both mental and physical, so that it does not become bored and destructive.

The breed is fairly low-maintenance. It requires very little grooming, just an occasional bath and brushing. It does need a high protein diet.

The German Coolie generally has very few health problems. White-headed dogs may have sight or hearing problems, as well as problems with sun damage. The Coolie can live 15 years or even longer in some cases.

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