Giant Otter Shrew

The Giant Otter Shrew, (Potamogale velox), is a species of carnivorous tenrec. It is found in the main rainforest regions of Central Africa from Biafra to Zambia. A few isolated populations also occur in Kenya and Uganda. Its habitat is streams, wetlands, and slowly flowing large rivers. It is the only member of the genus Potamogale.

This animal is similar in appearance to an otter, although it has no relation with it. It has a long, flat tail, which is used for swimming by sideways undulation like a fish. Its muzzle is covered with bristles, and has flat shielded nostrils. Its hair is soft and dense, and silky on the tail.

The diet of the Giant Otter Shrew consists of crabs, fish, frogs, insects, and mollusks. It forages mainly underwater by locating its prey with the thick bristles on its snout. It builds burrows along riverbank crevices.