Glowlight danio

The Glowlight danio is a small fish with a maximum length of 1.25 in (4 cm). Its coloration is brown, yellow, green and red. The Glowlight can live in waters that are (20-25 degrees Celsius), 6 to 7 pH, with a soft to medium hardness and a low to medium salinity. These fish are compatible with other danios and typically live from 1 to 3 years. They are moderately difficult fish to keep, and breeding can be even harder.

Danio choprai or the Glowlight danio is a small, schooling fish closely related to the popular Zebrafish – Danio rerio. It is an active, surface-dwelling fish that feeds on insects that have fallen into the water, aquatic insect larvae, and other small animals. It has a streamlined body marked with a brilliant orange longitudinal band and a series of vertical blue-black bars on the flanks. The fins are edged with yellow. In recent years it has become quite widely traded as an aquarium fish, but otherwise has no commercial importance. Its common name derives from its similarity to the Glowlight tetra, a South American characin only distantly related to this fish.

There is less frequently traded geographical variant from the Putao area of northern Myanmar, known as the “Northern Glowlight danio”, sometimes referred to by an obsolete scientific name “Danio putaoensis”. This variant is larger, has more vertical bars and longer barbels.