Grasshopper Sparrow

The Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum) is one of the smaller sparrows. Adults have upperparts streaked with brown, grey, black and white. Additionally they have a light brown breast, white belly and a short brown tail. Their face is light brown with an eye ring and a dark brown crown with a central narrow light stripe. This is the standard description. However, there are regional variations in the appearance of this bird.

They breed in open fields and prairies across southern Canada and the United States in well-concealed open cups on the ground but under vegetation.

These birds are migratory and spend their winters in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America.

They forage on the ground in vegetation, mainly eating insects, especially grasshoppers, and seeds.

This bird’s song is a buzz resembling the sound made by a grasshopper. Like many grassland birds, this bird’s numbers have declined across many parts of its range.