Gray’s Stream Frog, Strongylopus grayii

Gray’s Stream Frog (Strongylopus grayii) is a rather small species of frog belonging to the Ranidae family. It is a ground dweller, living mostly in vegetation such as sedges. It is generally brown in color. It has a slender build, with long and practically unwebbed toes.

It is a fairly small species, measuring about 25 to 50 millimeters from snout to vent. The snout isn’t as pointed as most of the genus, the snout profile being rather reminiscent of the Cape River Frog. The skin is smooth, pale to white colored, the dorsal skin color varies, usually shades of brown with darker colored blotches. The facial band stretches more or less from the nostril, across the lower portion of the eye, rearward over the tympanum, to the base of the foreleg. From below the eye, a pale colored line runs below the facial band to the shoulder. Above the band, a light colored line runs from the snout, across the eye, above the pupil, rearward to the shoulder. Sexual dimorphism is slight, with the male having golden coloration on the lower jaw.

The toes are well developed and not webbed. The front toes are slim and roughly as long as the fore legs are thick. The rear toes are long, with the longest toe extending forward roughly as far as the front toes when the frog is squatting.

Image Caption: Strongylopus grayii Clicking Stream Frog. Credit: JonRichfield/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)